Discover 3 cities for the price of 1!
Enjoy two free stopovers in Amsterdam or Paris on the way to your destination and back, free of additional costs. It’s time to plan your next trip!
Experience our stopover cities
Rent a bike and cycle along the canals of Amsterdam. Enjoy a freshly made caramel waffle and admire the beauty of traditional windmills surrounded by colourful tulips.
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Stroll beside the Seine under the Eiffel Tower and along the Champs-Élysées. Paris is one huge cultural highlight. Want to discover the city that remains beautiful the whole year round?
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Experience Amsterdam
From world-class museums to delightful restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, Amsterdam is a city for everyone. Discover Amsterdam by bike like the locals, or take a leisurely cruise through the historic canals.
Experience Paris
A city that's a global centre for art, fashion, gastronomy and culture. Paris is a must-visit with its iconic Eiffel tower, exquisite cuisine, chic boutiques and the centuries-old Notre-Dame.
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• According to the fare basis, passengers could be entitled to additional stopover in Amsterdam or Paris in each direction at a fee of US$100 each per passenger per stopover.